Next generation point-of-care-test (POCT)
Real time diagnostic of essential cardio biomarkers

Label Free

No added reagents. A direct whole blood diagnosis.

High Sensitivity

10 times more sensitive to Troponin molecule than current cardio diagnostic devices.

Real Time

Processing 10 times faster than current devices

Point of Care Test (POCT)

Cardiac Diagnostics System for biomarkers in whole blood.

Real time analysis of the essential biomarkers in blood for CVD patients. To reduce emergency room and private clinic’s loads. An AI assisted self-learning algorithm, managed and supervised by MD on site or at a distance. Cost effective analysis for patient and insurance. A noninvasive portable blood analysis device, to be deployed always and everywhere.

Current Troponin Diagnostic Methods

The usage of antibodies oblige to measure with Photoluminescence.

No high throughput Screening (HTS)
Photoluminescence don’t allow high through-put sensing.


No Label Free
All Cardiac Biomarkers Diagnostic Devices on the market use reagents to label Troponin in the blood for detection by Photoluminescence.

Time-consuming method
Impossible to measure in whole blood, needs to fractionate the blood.


Spectants Troponin Diagnostic Method

High Sensitivity
100 X more sensitive to Cardio Troponin molecule than current cardio diagnostic devices.

High Throughput Screening (HTS)
Measuring the sample with several hundreds’ sensors at once for good statistics.

Label Free
No added reagents.
A direct whole blood diagnosis.

Real Time
Processing 10X time faster than current devices


Target markets and customers



Units to be diploid at need by trained hospital stuff.


Units to reduce saturation of room in daily and crises situations

Private cardio clinics

On site assessment for quick decision making by MD for further treatment of patients.

Intensive care

Real time blood analysis for CVD treatment.


Cost effective blood analyzing units in less space.

Third world remote clinic

Cost effective blood diagnostic battery charged units.

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